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  • A Snowy White Christmas

    A Christmas Novella

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Welcome, readers and writers both,  to the Italian Blog!

A Snowy White Christmas  is my Hallmark-type, sweet romance Christmas Novella, released in October 2015 to 5 star reviews.

Curl up on a sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy!

A Snowy White Christmas


This book is available on:





Margaret Snow doesn’t believe in fairy tales, but as a devoted mother she’s determined to give her five-year-old daughter a Christmas filled with heart-warming memories. The once successful LA swimsuit model returns to her small upstate New York town to buy back the foreclosed trailer she once called home. Her menagerie of rescue animals travel with her.

She doesn’t expect to see her former high school sweetheart, the athletic, ever-popular, and decisive Fernando Brandt.

Sparks fly when she realizes that the teenage hockey star is now a successful Realtor who is also interested in her dilapidated trailer for reasons of his own.

But can she resist the handsome, charismatic Prince Charming a second time?

And can she surrender her insecurities and accept the true gift of Christmas, finally feeling worthy of unconditional love?

Here’s what readers are saying:

“A SNOWY WHITE CHRISTMAS is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit. You can’t help but fall in love with all the characters and get caught up in their lives. I can easily see this wonderful novella becoming a Hallmark Movie. Once I started reading I could not put this heart warming story down. Josie Riviera gives you such a well-written story of Margaret and Fernando that you can’t help but feel as if they are old friends of yours as you are reading. I can not wait to read more by this wonderful author.”

“This charming novella, out just in time for the holidays, begins with a challenging if realistic situation. Margaret Snow returns with her five-year-old daughter to her hometown. As an ambitious single mom, she’s spent the period since she fled upstate New York, pregnant and poor, struggling for success in modeling and show biz in L.A. With some triumphs, but not enough, she’s handling a temporary assignment setting up Santa’s appearance in a shopping center. She doesn’t expect that old flame Fernando Brandt, now a successful realtor, will reappear in her life. Struggling to suppress her natural, strong, romantic attraction to him, as well as hide some important conditions in her life, she backs herself into a corner. In the meantime Fernando also isn’t quite forthcoming about his own status. Fortunately all is resolved happily by Christmas Eve. Author Josie Riviera taps the wintery conditions in a small town to spotlight the growing warm emotions and the personal development of the romantic duo during this family-oriented time of the year. I particularly enjoyed the exploration of less-than-physically-perfect characters and animals because they show how love can be extended to all living things. In this book, the magic of Christmas occurs with the honesty and courage of the main characters, a good reminder that we can hold our fate in our own hands.”

“What a lovely story about Christmas in the north. Very well written and full of emotion. I particularly enjoyed the characters, Margaret, Fernando, little Amelie and her menagerie of handicapped pets. I started reading and couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. A wonderful read for Christmas.”

31 Responses

  1. Absolutely beautiful blog. Makes me want to go back and redo mine in happier colors.

  2. It’s gorgeous! And very serene. I can use a dose of serene about now. :~)

  3. LOL, Barbara. Can’t we all?
    Just imagine enjoying the beautiful city of Venice. :)

  4. Nice, Josie! Love the picture…and your romantic suspense sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. My maiden name was Mongiello so I just adore this blog!!
    Hey Paison!!! Mangia! and enjoy the view too!

  6. Josie, what a great blog! I can’t wait to check Ferdy’s daily deals (love the name, BTW). I may not be heading to Italy this year, but the pics give me something to dream about.
    I wonder if it’s possible to introduce us to an Italian word of the day, sort of like an Italian word ala mode?

    • Hi Jeanette,
      What a wonderful idea about the Italian word for the day. I’ll check with one of my sons about adding another heading. In the meantime, enjoy the Italian newspaper on the blog.

  7. Yeah, Josie. Welcome to the happy and crazy world of bloggers. May I say, it’s about time.LOL

  8. That is a lovely pic. Remind me of an Italian ristorante I went to in California. It was surrounded by water and you had to enter over a tiny bridge. I immediately thought of Venice.

    • Toni,
      Venice is such a beautiful city. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to travel there some years back and plan to return someday.

  9. If only someday I could see Italy. I still have relatives there that I will never know!
    Great blog Josie! I love the look of it and the Italian theme!

  10. You have been sandbagging your talents, girlfriend! I LOVE this blog! We need to make better use of you at the Pink Fuzzies. Mama Mary

  11. I love the picture. I so wish I could visit someday. Blog more. Tell me more. I can live through you.

    • Thanks, Autumn. If you have the chance, check out the Travel section of the blog today. The Hotel Danieli was featured in the movie, “The Tourist”. It’s gorgeous, especially the grand staircase as you enter.

  12. I agree with everyone else. Great blog. I mentioned the bologna pie and he’s all for it. We have an old fashioned meat grinder I can use or set him to doing. I wonder if you could do it in a food processor? Have you ever done it that way?

    • Thanks, Paisley!
      I’ve never ground the bologna in a food processor, as it might be too thin. My Mom has mentioned that when you can’t get any of the deli managers in your local supermarkets to grind the bologna, you can cut the bologna in chunks. You have an old-fashioned meat grinder, though, (we’ve used that, too) so you should be all set.
      Glad you’re enjoying the blog.

  13. Josie, you have a nice blog! Your WIP sounds like a fun read! Can’t wait until you have it completed :-)

  14. Topnotch blog site, Josie. I’m very impressed. I spent a summer vacation as a child on the Italian Riviera. Magnifico!

  15. Nice blog, Josie. I plan to try a couple of your recipes. Oh yeah, and your book sounds like a hoot.

    • Dawn,
      As I mentioned to a fellow FTH’er, Jan, you’ll be one of the first to know when the book comes out.
      For recipes—try the Bologna pie. It’s a lot of work, but worth it.

  16. Awesome blog. It brings back a lot of very good memories.

  17. How exciting and to think you were my close neighbor. Happy journeys. Proud of you and expect to read a novel soon. Angela P. soon to be Angela Lord on Nov. 9th.

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